Industrial Transport

West Shore Constructors has the expertise to execute the loading and offloading of large, heavy, and complex structures to and from barges and ships. Working closely with our consultants and affiliates, West Shore provides comprehensive industrial transport solutions from planning and design, through to execution.


BC Ferries: Transportation and heavy lifting of hull and deck components

Delta-Port: Transported and erected pre-assembled bridge span components.ConocoPhillips: Lifting and transportation of pipe-racks fabricated in New Westminster to ConocoPhillips refinery near San Fransisco.

Industrial Transport Equipment

Jacking Systems

We operate a variety of hydraulic jacks. The capacity and stroke of the jacks range from lightweight long-stroking aluminum units to heavy duty 150 tonne steel units with 14″ stroke and 200 tonne capacity units with 6″ stroke.  Our pump control panel allows for grouping of all jacks into “three point suspensions”.

Lifting Systems

West Shore uses the “Best in Industry” practices. We offer high quality solutions in the specialized area of lifting, lowering, moving and weighing of heavy complex structures. By integrating a variety of hydraulic components, West Shore Ltd. is able to lift massive loads. Our lifting systems are designed with safety and efficiency in mind.

Transportation Dollies

We operate a number of 50 ton capacity dollies each with power steering and “castered – steering” units fitted with long-stroking 40 ton capacity jacks.  On several occasions we have designed and supplied custom transport frames for use with the dollies.

Spreader and Rigging Systems

We can supply a number of spreaders and rigging consisting of spreader bars, cables and shackles. From the design of the system to the engineering,  fabrication, testing and final application, West Shore is able to meet the challenging requirements for a safe and successful project completion.

Hydraulic Skidding System

We operate a sophisticated hydraulic skidding system, which has the following features:

  • Skid beams which can be fitted with either one, two or three 150tonne capacity jacks, each with a 14″ stroke
  • The skid beams, each with a stainless steel base, work in steel guide tracks which also incorporate lugs for the operation of the “push/pull” system
  • “Push/pull” horizontally mounted long stroking jacks which are used to move the load in either direction
  • A Teflon coated rubber pad system which is laid in the tracks and reduces friction loads to < 5%
  • The hydraulic jacks are usually combined to provide a “three point suspension”
  • The lift capacity is almost limitless – just add more skid track, beams and push/pulls

Featured Projects

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Industrial Transport

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