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Humble But Sturdy Foundations

We’re construction contractors with expertise in pile driving, ground improvement, bridge construction, marine construction, and industrial transportation. But our reputation wasn’t forged over night. It came as a result of over fifty years in the industry.

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Our Story

George Milligan was a UBC civil engineer. After years of designing and building bridges as an employee of BC Forest Products, he decided to take his knowledge and his expertise and start his own company. Thus, West Shore Constructors was born, one of the industry’s first contract bridge building companies.

Bridge Building

Through the 1960’s and 70’s, we built our reputation in the forest industry and it wasn’t long before we emerged as the primary forestry bridge builder in British Columbia. In 1976, we built one of the largest glue-laminated timber bridges in the world. It measured 700 feet long and spanned 206 feet. Over the years, we have continued to grow our expertise in bridge building, which now ranges from pedestrian suspension bridges tomulti-span and concrete highway bridges, such as the 8-span, 400-metre long Roberts Bank Overhead.

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Marine Construction

In the early 80’s, we leveraged our experience working in and on water to diversify our expertise into marine construction. It wasn’t long before we were brought on to build berthing structures and approach trestles for BC Ferries, along with wharves and piers for Public Works Canada. We also did work for the Department of National Defence and even for Paramount Pictures.

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Pile Driving and industrial transport

We’ve always done our own pile driving on our bridge building and marine construction projects. We’ve also had the capacity to supply the transportation and heavy lifting of pre-assembled bridge span components as well as hull components, decks and ferries.

So in the late 90’s, it made sense for us to add two new services to our offerings: pile driving and industrial transport. Today we’re skilled at operating drop hammers, diesel hammers, hydraulic impact hammers and hydraulic vibratory hammers to drive a wide range of piles for a variety of land and marine-based applications.

We have since continued to grow our capacity and equipment fleet, building our reputation for completing large, complex projects, like replacing 670 metres of elevated railway trestle over the Serpentine River or building an 11-span viaduct for the South Fraser Perimeter Road project.

+Industrial Transportation

Our Expert Crew
Meet Our Team

Today, we have four owners: Ed Milligan, Ward Milligan, Mike Nightingale and Colin Kaufmann. Even through all that growth over the past five decades, we’ve always maintained the close-knit family feel. Many of our employees have been with us for many years, some have spent their entire career here.

And ultimately they’re what will continue to set us apart: we come in with an experienced, loyal and proud crew that can tackle any problem that’s thrown at them. And to always do an outstanding job.


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